DA UK runs a number of events.  Some (such as the annual UK DA Convention) are co-ordinated by Intergroup, while others are proposed and carried out by individuals or individual groups.  Intergroup has an Events officer (see Contacts page) who oversees the Convention, and can advise people who wish to hold events.

Upcoming events:

New Years Day Meeting!
Around the world in 24 hours

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Past events (See all the event archives here) :

Unity & Prosperity: UK DA CONVENTION – 5th December 2020

Unity in Adversity 2020 Asia Pacific Debtors Anonymous 2020 Convention

Gratitude Day, Saturday 25th July 2020 

Overcoming Fears In Business: Three Members Share Their Journeys in BDA – Sunday, April 5, 2019

Sunday BDA Phone Workshops – various dates

Visions Workshop including Meditation – Sat 25th January 2020

DA Annual UK Convention – 2nd November 2019

DA Irish Convention 23-25th August, Galway

Tools and traditions workshop on 23 March 2019

Visions workshop in London on 26th Jan 2019 

DA Christmas lunch in London on 08 Dec 2018 

Annual UK Convention (Oct 2018)

4th European Convention in Berlin, 22 – 24 June 2018

Gratitude Week, June 2018

Overcoming Underearning Workshop on 17 March 2018

Visions Workshop on 03 Mar 2018

Communicating with Creditors Workshop on 17 Feb 2018

DA Christmas lunch in London on 16 Dec 2017 

Spreadsheets and PRGs Workshop 02 Dec 2017

Figures and Steps/Sponsorship Workshops (Aug-Nov 2017)

Annual UK Convention (Oct 2017)

3rd European Convention (July 2017)

Annual Convention (Oct 2016)

2nd European Convention (June 2016)

DA Pimlico workshops (5, 12, 19 July 2016)

Annual Convention (Oct 2015)

1st European Convention (June 2015)

Annual Convention (Oct 2014)

Writing Workshop (March 2014)

Annual Convention (Oct 2013)

PRG Day (July 2013)

Visions workshop (Jan 2013)

Annual Convention (Oct 2012)

Figures workshop (Jan 2012)