Anyone who identifies as having a problem with debt, compulsive spending or overspending can join any meeting.

If you are new to DA and have questions contact

Please inform us of any meeting changes or any inaccuracies in the meeting list by email to admin (AT) 

If you’re having trouble logging in to a meeting please join this WhatsApp group where our Online Co-ordinator will be able to assist you. JOIN WHATSAPP GROUP

Telephone and online meetings

Some Telephone / Skype / Zoom meetings can be found on the main UK Meetings Lists (see Online / Telephone meetings here).

If you are setting up a B/DA meeting on Zoom you are welcome to use the DA Zoom account. Please contact DAonlinemeetingsUK AT about availability and for more information on getting started.

In addition, a list of telephone and online meetings, mainly based in the USA but accessible to anyone, can be found on the DA World Service website based in the US.

To find the full list of telephone and online meetings on the DA World Service website then visit this page and select ‘Telephone’, ‘Skype’ or ‘Internet’.

They can also be contacted here, and are very responsive.

Loner Support

If you need help but are miles from meetings then please contact us at, and we will put you in touch with other members.  We will provide you with whatever help and information that we can.  Also see internet and telephone meetings (below).

Members and Groups are needed to help with this service. If you would like to support a loner, please contact us on the above email for more information