What is Intergroup?

DA Intergroup is a service arm of the Debtors Anonymous groups in the UK.
We combine resources from DA groups in the UK to carry the message of recovery to the debtor who still suffers on a scale that would be impossible for individual groups to achieve.

When does Intergroup meet?

Next meeting:

20th April 1030am-12pm GMT

Please click here to join via Zoom

Information for new Intergroup Reps (IRs)

If you are a new Intergroup Rep please contact us to be added to the mailing list.
Please note if you can’t attend an Intergroup meeting you should send a representative in your place.

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of the U.K. Intergroup is to support D.A. meetings within the U.K. and through our committees, direct newcomers to those meetings and connect meetings or lone callers within the region. The primary purpose of Intergroup service is to share our experience, strength and hope and carry the message of D.A. recovery to the compulsive debtor who still suffers. We put principles before personalities.

How can my group contribute?

Intergroup is funded largely through contributions from DA and BDA groups. Contributions should be reported at intergroup meetings by the ISR, so that it is witnessed and recorded. Please contact the treasurer for bank details.

Service at Intergroup

All DA members are welcome to attend Intergroup and there are many service positions that need filling by experienced DA members.

Intergroup Service manual

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Intergroup AGM takes place on the last Saturday in January. This is where important decisions about the coming year are decided, such as the primary aims for Intergroup, and how the budget is prioritised.  All DA members are welcome and able to vote!
Our DA UK Annual General Meeting is a chance for member from all over the country to get together for fellowship and plan goals for the coming year.


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