Two books about Debtors Anonymous are not free, and can be purchased in paperback and as an e-book from commercial sources.

(Same books are sometimes available on loan or to purchase at the meetings. Ask for literature secretary, and they will assist you)



The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of Debtors Anonymous

A Currency of Hope, 2nd Edition

For both books,

Amazon UK, AbeBooks and Biblio are commercial sellers in UK.





DA literature is available for purchase (details below).  Prices include US shipping, currency exchange, and a small amount to allow us to build up a stock for rapid delivery.  We have also passed on discounts for bulk purchase of A Currency of Hope.

To receive your order by post:

  • Complete an order form (see below), remembering to add postage costs
  • Send the order, either:
    • emailing the list to literature <AT> (preferred); or
    • posting to [DA postal address under review]
    • (optional but useful: emailing the literature secretary that it is on it's way)
    • Note: It may happen that not all ordered items are in stock. If you wish to make sure all items you order are in stock please contact the literature secretary first. Otherwise your order will be fulfilled and any outstanding items sent later when available, at no extra cost.
  • Arrange payment: orders to be pre-paid by (in order of preference):
    • bank transfer (preferable because easiest and fastest: please request new bank account details from treasurer or literature secretary).  Important: Please mention name of group in reference;
    • cheque made payable to DA Intergroup and posted to [DA postal address under review]; or
    • postal order (handled as for a cheque).  Note that postal orders are essentially cash, and can get lost in the post, so we suggest sending postal orders registered delivery.
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