World Service Conference 2022

3rd – 7th August, 2022
Hilton London Heathrow – Terminal 4

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D.A. Tool 11: We perform service at every level: personal, meeting, Intergroup, and World Service.

For the first time ever, D.A.’s Annual World Service Conference will be held in a non-US location, and London is it! There are many ways, big and small, for local D.A. members to be involved and support the conference—and their own recovery—through service. In our UK Host Committee, D.A. members have already started planning the conference. But, there’s more to do.

Below are the areas where members can plug in. You don’t have to be an expert . . . just show up. In so doing, you’ll support your own recovery and the conference. Write to to get involved.

Service Opportunities


What is the World Service Conference?

The D.A. World Service Conference (WSC) is our Fellowship’s annual business meeting. It is held each year in August. It starts on a Wednesday evening and goes through the following Sunday.

What happens at the Conference? 

D.A. members:
●     Review the state of our Fellowship (finances, website, office, etc.)
●     Work on topics like new D.A. literature concepts, public information, etc.
●     Vote on important issues affecting D.A. as a whole.

Who attends?

●     75 – 100 General Service Representatives (GSRs)
●     10 – 12 Intergroup Service Representatives (ISRs)
●     10 – 12 Members of our General Service Board (GSB)

Why would our group want to send a GSR or ISR to the Conference?

●     This will be D.A.’s first truly international Conference—the first one held outside the USA
●     Your group will have direct involvement in the international growth of D.A.
●     Your representative will have an incredibly rich experience, including attending a Fellowship Day and Gala.

Suggested qualifications for GSRs and ISRs:

●     Is an active member of your group            
●    Has provided service (Secretary, Treasurer, etc.)
●     Has completed or is working on the Steps 
●    Has received one or more Pressure Relief Meetings
●     Has not incurred new unsecured debt for at least 12 months

What is the service commitment for GSRs and ISRs?

●     GSRs/ISRs serve on a committee while at the WSC, then attend Zoom/phone meetings during the year.
●     Recommended service term: three years.
●     To learn more, download free GSR pamphlet:

How much does it typically cost to attend?

●     £1,100 ($1,400 USD) for registration fee, meals, and hotel. Travel not included.

Who pays?

●     For most delegates, their group pays their expenses.
●     Many groups pass a second basket at their meetings, to collect funds to send their representative.
●     Some groups also do a fundraising event during the year. 
● Scholarships are available.

What is the Fellowship Day and the Gala, and who can attend?

●     On the Saturday of the conference week, there will be a Fellowship Day with speakers and workshops, and a Gala dinner/dance. 
●     Any and all D.A. members can attend. Typical costs: Fellowship Day: £12 – £15. Gala: £45.

What should our group do now?

●     At a business meeting, discuss and possibly vote on creating the GSR or ISR service position.
●     Start collecting funds now.
●     Invite one of our Host Committee members to one of your Zoom meetings, to have us share about the WSC.

This announcement is from the WSC 2022 Host Committee
(a group of UK D.A. members working on the Conference)

Email any questions to:

Click HERE for a downloadable flyer 

Please share this announcement with your meetings.