“What Does Spiritually Sustainable Earning Mean to YOU?” this Sunday 16th February at 7pm GMT on the phone

Several panelists from the DA worldwide fellowship will share their experience, strength and hope about Spiritually Sustainable Earning. Each panelist will share for five minutes. Afterwards, the discussion will open up to callers to share for two minutes each about their own thoughts about Spiritually Sustainable Earning.

“The Spiritually Sustainable Earning Caucus (SSEC) serves to support the DA Fellowship in gaining clarity around issues of earning in the DA program. Our vision is to broaden the fellowship understanding of how spiritually sustainable earning fits into DA recovery, encouraging a comprehensive and spiritual approach by working the 12 Steps and using the Tools of Debtors Anonymous.”

— MISSION STATEMENT, DA Spiritually Sustainable Earning Caucus

Phone number is 0330 998 1320, then access code is 617093#

In preparation for this call, please follow this link to read the articles in DA’s
Ways & Means newsletter, 2019 Q2, “Focus on Spiritually Sustainable Earning”