Intergroup needs you

We are looking for people to fill the following 2 positions:

  • European Service Representative
  • Webmaster

See information below, and attached pdfs

1. European Service Representative

The ESR will represent the UK Intergroup at the European Regional
Intergroup (ERI) and serves as a link between the Intergroups. The ESR
will generally share the UK Intergroup conscience at the ERI, however each
service representative is answerable to his or her own conscience (as it states in Concept 3) and therefore has a right of decision in each vote that takes place at the ERI meeting. The ESR may also choose to serve on a Committee within the ERI, such as Treasury, PI, Website, Translations.

Service requirements
1 year of not incurring new debt, had at least 2 PRG’s, be actively working
the 12 steps. The term is for 3 years.

The role

  • Attend the monthly telephone European Intergroup Committee calls on a
  • Tuesday evening at 8pm. Attend annual ERI Business meetings usually held at the European Convention of D.A.
  • Attend the UK intergroup and report
  • If serving on one of the ERI Committees attend the phone calls of that committee (usually held monthly, sometimes less).

Please contact:

2. DA Webmaster

  • Organises, develops, monitors and updates the DA UK website ( so that it spreads the message to the suffering under-earner and debtor
  • Modifies the website at the request of Intergroup
  • Updates the meetings list on the website in a timely manner.
  • Seeks help to sort out technical problems, and liaises with the web hosting service
  • Liaises with the treasurer over web hosting costs
  • Ensures that hosting and domain names are renewed when necessary
  • Maintains an up-to-date list of intergroup member emails for the intergroup forwarding service, together with the Secretary.

If there is someone in the fellowship who is a freelancer with web skills who could host and manage our hugely important site, we would love to hear
from you.

  • Length of service. : 2 years
  • Abstinence requirements (length of abstinence from new unsecured debt; minimum no. of PRG’s received. 6 months, 1PRG.

Please contact us at and

Download pdfs: ESR; Webmaster