Fellowship Calls/ Podcasts: Audio recordings of speaker shares

Audio Recordings of Speaker Shares

There is a new page on the International DA website which  is a forum for sharing experience, strength, and hope through audio recordings of D.A. members, groups, and other service bodies.

You can listen to the calls live and can see the  Calendar of Events. There is always a UK call in number 0330 998 1320. the access code you will need to change for each call, the access code is the same as choosing which meeting you want to attend.

Or you can listen to the recordings/ Podcasts here

Speaker shares are not intended to be statements of D.A. policy, nor does publication constitute or imply endorsement by D.A. as a whole or the D.A General Service Board.

These podcasts are freely available to the Fellowship. Please consider making a contribution to support D.A.

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