Fellowship call “Attracting not promoting” Sunday 25 March 5pm-6.30pm

The World Service Conference Public Information Committee is pleased to announce a Fellowship-wide call:
Public Outreach- Attracting not promoting
Sunday 25 March 5pm-6.30pm (UK time)

      UK dial in 0330 390 2123 access code 796199#
The focus of this call will be on how to carry the DA message in line with the traditions. Three members of the Fellowship will share their experience, strength and hope on how these three aspects of Public Information service have impacted their recovery.
    • Working with the Beginner Face to Face utilizing Traditions 1,2 3
    • How did the Traditions help communication with an institution: such
      as, jail/university/ health fair?
    • How does the Tradition of Anonymity inform the process of “Carrying
      the Message” and/or Public Information Work?
This portion of the call will be recorded. Participants will have time to ask questions and make comments. The question and comment portion of the call will not be recorded.
Please share at your meetings. If you miss the call you can listen to the recording call 0330 390 2123 access code 796199.