DA Convention 2012

DA Convention 2012

Saturday 13th October

From Fear to Abundance: The tools in action

DA Day is the Annual National Debtors Anonymous Convention that we have in the UK – but we also have attendees from DA all over Europe. The Day consists of a number of DA speakers sharing their stories of experience, strength and hope, then there are opportunities to share your own story too. We also have 30 minute Pressure Relief Groups (PRGs), where two DA members sit down with you to discuss your financial situation and look at actions that might take the pressure off your situation. Refreshments are available and there are good cafes nearby for lunch.

There will be literature, information about meetings and Loner Support and much positivity and recovery!

If you are already a DA member, please announce this event at all meetings you attend leading up to DA Day and encourage everyone to attend, especially newcomers. (Please note that if someone really is in financial difficulty, tell them to come along anyway, we have concessions due to the nature of the DA program)

2) Find out how your group can print off the flyer and ask for volunteers to place them in places such as:

  • Places where other programs have meetings locally
  • Libraries
  • Health food shops or similar
  • Health Centres

(Always ask first!). We will be printing off some of the flyers and distributing them from this week, but obviously it is quicker and more efficient if you can print off the flyers at group level.3) Ask your groups who would like to volunteer to help beforehand or on the day – we need:

  • People to help set up the room/tidy up at the end of the day
  • People to make/serve tea during the day
  • People to greet people and take contributions on the door
  • People to give a mini-PRG (or two!)

People may also be interested in making a cake/biscuits for us to sell on the day to raise money for DA! This worked really well last year and somedelicious cakes appeared!

Please let me know if you or anyone at your meetings is interested in volunteering for any of these roles.

DA Day is always inspirational, fun, emotional and amazingly supportive, however long you have been in DA. It’s also more fun to have something to be doing if you think you won’t know many people. Do come along and encourage as many people as possible who are still suffering with this disabling disease the opportunity to change their life for the better!