Call Saturday 15th at 7pm ‘Promise 7- Prosperity and the Power of Generosity’

The World Service Conference – Resource Development Committee is pleased to announce a Fellowship-wide call
Promise 7 – Prosperity, and the
Power of Generosity
Saturday, December 15, 2018
7:00 to 8:30 pm UK
Promise 7 – 
“We will recognize that there is enough; our resources will be generous and we will share them with others and with D.A.” The focus of the call will be sharing by three members of the Fellowship on how the impact of Promise 7 has strengthened their program and enhanced their personal lives. 
The speaker portion of the call will be recorded. Participants will have time to ask questions and make comments following the speakers’ shares. The question and comment portion of the call will not be recorded.
Dial-in number: 0330 998 1320
Access code: 617093
International call-in information:
To listen afterwards:
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