BDA Fellowship Call: Tools of BDA 1-6 on Sunday 8 July at 6pm-7.30pm

The World Service Conference Committee of Business Debtors Anonymous (BDA) presents
A Fellowship-Wide conference call
A Spiritual Approach to Growing Your Business
The Tools of BDA
Tools 1-6
 SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2018
6:00 to 7:30 pm GmT
Call United Kingdom 0330 998 1253 access code 172285#
Three speakers will speak on the following BDA Tools: BUSINESS DEBTORS ANONYMOUS TOOLS 1 to 6:
1. We keep separate professional and  personal financial records and bank accounts.
2. We write annual one-year business plans with definable and accountable goals and targets.
3. We keep clean, orderly and accurate financial records, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash on Hand, Inventory, Assets, and Outstanding Debts, and put all tax and bill due dates on our calendar.
4. We pay ourselves a salary including benefits ,medical insurance, vacations and sick days.
5. We remain mindful that dollars spent should generate revenue and compare prices before making purchases.
6. We maintain clarity about the overhead and profit margins of every product or service we sell.
Each speaker will share their experience, strength, and hope for 15 minutes each on two BDA tools. After the speaker presentations, callers will be given the opportunity to participate in timed shares.