New meeting Fridays in Thames Ditton

There is a new meeting 7-8pm on Fridays in Thames Ditton (KT7 0PP).  More information here.

March 2015 Intergroup Minutes now on website

The Minutes for the Intergroup meeting held on 28 March 2015 are now on the website, available here, or from the front page sidebar.

Friday EC3 meeting has closed

The ‘Fear of Success’ Friday meeting in Eastcheap, London EC3 has closed with immediate effect.  See here.

GSR financial support to attend Intergroup increased

At the March 2015 meeting, Intergroup agreed that the amount GSRs could claim for travel should rise from 20 to 50%.  See here for details.

Can you help set up a DA meeting in Brixton?

A grateful debtor is hoping to set up a meeting in Brixton on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm. He is currently researching venues. If you would be interested in helping and getting involved, please email and we will pass on your details to him.

New Islington meeting Monday evenings

There is now a DA meeting on Monday evenings at 7.45 pm in St Mary’s Church, Islington N1 2TX.  Details here.

New Bournemouth meeting: day and time change

The new Bournemouth meeting has moved to Fridays at 6.30pm.  See here.

New Bournemouth meeting

There is a new meeting in Bournemouth on Tuesdays at 6.30pm.  More information here.

Intergroup AGM minutes now on website

Anonymised intergroup AGM minutes are now available on the website  (see here)

Tues Worlds End DA HOW meeting has closed

The recently started DA HOW meeting on Tuesday evenings in World’s End,  Chelsea has closed with immediate effect.

New room for AGM on Saturday

The Intergroup AGM will take place on Saturday 31st January at Westminster Central Hall from 2-5 pm as usual (details here).

The room is changed on this occasion to the Chapel: This at the top of the first set of stairs from the main entrance, on the left.

Sat am Hinde St: Room change

The Saturday 11.30 am meeting in Hinde St is now meeting in the Parlour.  See here.

New DA HOW meeting Tuesday evenings SW10

There will be a new DA HOW meeting on Tuesday evenings from 6.30-7.30 pm in Worlds End, London SW10, starting on 13th January 2015.  See here.

Wednesday Soho BDA: Christmas closures

The Wednesday Soho BDA meeting will be closed on both Wednesday 24th and 31st December 2014.

Bristol meeting: Change of day and venue

The Bristol meeting is changing day, time and location from January 2015 (more information here).

The meeting will be held on Sundays from 5-6pm at:

Redland Park URC Church, Whiteladies Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 6SA

First meeting on Sunday 4th January 2015

We are also looking for speakers and may be able to contribute towards your travel costs. Please contact Harriet on 07913 742993 for more information about this or about the meeting.

Sunday Swiss Cottage: Xmas closures

The Sunday Swiss Cottage meeting will not take place on the 28th of December nor the 4th of January 2015, but will recommence on the 11th January 2015.  See here.

Christmas / New Year meeting changes (Chelsea/Richmond/Swiss Cottage)

BDA Thursday evening at Swiss Cottage
Closed 25 Dec 2014/ 01 Jan 2015

Wednesday 10.00 am Chelsea DA HOW meeting
Richmond Bridge Thursday 7.30 pm DA meeting
Closed 25 Dec 2014; Open as normal on 01 Jan 2015

See Meetings List

New time and place for Manchester meeting

The Manchester meeting has moved its day from Wednesday to Thursday evening, and has also changed venue to Brow House,1 Mabfield Road, Fallowfields, ManchesterM14 6LP.  More details here.

Saturday Bayswater St Matthews – meeting now starts at 10.45am

The meeting that has moved from St John’s, Hyde Park Crescent to St Matthew’s, Bayswater (see here; group page) now starts at 10.45am, and all members help with setting up.

Thursday Thames Ditton meeting has closed

The Thursday evening Thames Ditton meeting has closed (see here).

New Friday meeting London EC3

There is a new DA/BDA “Fear of Success” meeting starting Friday 31 October 2014.

The Guild Church of St. Margaret Pattens, Rood Lane, Eastcheap, London EC3M 1HS (Upstairs Room)

Day: Friday; Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Nearest underground station is Monument, about 5 minutes walk away. At this station there is a pedestrian connection to Bank underground and DLR stations Tower Hill and Tower Gateway DLR stations are slightly further away. Bus route 15, on which heritage Routemasters operate, passes the door.

See here.

Download Fear of success meeting flyer

Confirmation of Sat am St John’s move to St Matthew’s

We are moving venue from St John’s to a new venue:St Matthew’s Church, 27 Petersburgh Place, W2 4LA. 
  • Our last meeting at St John’s will be on October 4th. 
  • Our first meeting in the new venue will be on October 18th. 
  • There will be no meeting on October 11th. However, you can join us at the DA Convention on that day, at the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster between 10:00 and 17:00.

Details and map on group page

Pressure Relief Groups at the DA UK Convention 2014

On Saturday 11th October 2014, the annual DA UK Convention will take place at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster. 
Pressure Relief Groups will be available from 11am to 5pm at the DA Convention, with a priority to receive PRGs for newcomers, DA members attending from outside of London and/or members who live in isolated areas. There will also be some availability for any DA member, including Londoners, to receive a PRG at the convention.
All PRG slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
Can you give PRGs at the convention?
We are asking for DA members with experience of giving PRGs to offer 1 hour of their time at the convention. This will involve giving 2 consecutive PRGs (half an hour each). If you can be of service in this way, please email with your name & contact mobile number/ email – stating your availability to give PRGs at the convention.
Would you like to receive a PRG at the convention?
For DA members who would like to receive a PRG at the DA Convention, you can sign up on the day or you can register your interest in advance. Email with your name & contact mobile number/ email – stating you would like to receive a PRG

Travel support to Intergroup

Following yesterday’s Intergroup meeting, the following has been added to the Intergroup page:

Travel support to Intergroup for Group Service Representatives outside of London

Group Service Representatives of any UK Debtors Anonymous meetings outside of London may claim up to 20% of their travel costs to attend Debtors Anonymous Intergroup meetings held in London, if their DA group treasury funds cannot cover the full cost of travel to attend Intergroup. A valid receipt will be required to claim travel support, to be presented to the Treasurer on attending DA Intergroup.

Please email treasurer <AT> in advance of booking your ticket or planning the journey, with the details of expenditure and the proportion you wish to claim from Intergroup (up to 20%). DA UK’s Treasurer will then respond to confirm if funds are available, as funds are allocated for travel support to Intergroup on a first come first served basis.


The St John’s Sat am Hyde Park Crescent meeting is moving

We are moving venue from St John’s to a new venue (see Meetings page; Group page):

St Matthew’s Church, 27 Petersburgh Place, W2 4LA.

Our last meeting at St John’s, subject to confirmation (see note below*), will be on October 11th. Our first meeting in the new venue will be on October 18th.

The times remain the same: 11:00 – 12:30 AM

Travel from nearest tubes (approximate):

  • Queensway (2 minutes’ walk)
  • Bayswater (4 minutes’ walk)
  • Notting Hill (5 minutes)

Other details remain unchanged:

  • Group contact: please call 07968 104229
  • Focus: Steps and Tools;
  • Newcomers especially welcome;
  • The Group has decided to have no dogs at the meeting.

(*): As the day of the first meeting at the new venue was going to be on the date of the Convention, i.e. October 11th, it was decided that it would be preferable to move the weekend following. We are awaiting revised date confirmation from our church liaison person and will confirm this shortly

The Maidstone Sunday meeting has closed

The Maidstone Sunday meeting has closed with immediate effect, due to lack of support.

European Convention arranged for 2015

Details available here

Currency of Hope (2nd Edition) now available

The 2nd edition of A Currency of Hope has finally been published.  You can order yours on the Literature page.

ISR email address changed

The Intergroup Service Representative email has been changed to isrep AT  This is to avoid spam problems we have been experiencing.


No Maidstone meeting on Sunday 13 April 2014

This Sunday’s meeting (13th April 2014) in Maidstone is cancelled.

New London BDA meeting focusing on Pressure Relief

A new BDA meeting will start on 28 April 2014 in London W1 on Monday lunchtimes (venue: All Soul’s Clubhouse, Greenwell Street, London W1T 6QG).   Meeting focus: “Be Careful What You Wish For” – this is a new format designed to stimulate creative thinking in business. If you wish to receive a PRG then please bring your figures, if you wish to give a PRG please bring your willingness.  More details here.

Numbers Workshop in Manchester, May 7th 2014

The Manchester Wednesday group will be holding a Numbers Workshop on the evening of Wednesday May 7th 2014 (6.30 to 8.30pm).
Venue: the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester; Further information: call Lynne on 07980 559109

New DA HOW meeting (London SW10) on Wednesday mornings

There is a new DA HOW meeting at 10.00am on Wednesday mornings at the Chelsea Theatre, World’s End, London SW10 (see here).

Closure of Cardiff meeting

The Tuesday Cardiff meeting has closed due to the relocation of the members organizing it.

January AGM minutes now available

The January 2014 AGM minutes are now available on the website (see here or look in the sidebar)

No Flood St meeting Tues 11th March

There will be no meeting at Flood St 7.15pm on Tuesday 11th March 2014.

The Edinburgh Monday meeting is closing

The Edinburgh Monday meeting is closing with immediate effect due to low numbers (informed 18Feb14).

BDA Wednesday Soho WILL take place on 12th February

The tube strike this week has been called off, so this meeting will take place as normal.

BDA Soho meeting closed on Wednesday 12th Feb 2014

The BDA meeting in Soho will NOT be taking place next Wednesday (12th Feb 2014).

Wed BDA Soho – no meetings on 1st or 8th Jan 2014

The Wednesday BDA Soho meeting will not be convening on the 1st or 8th of January 2014.  See here.

Tuesday Flood St meeting closed 24th/31st December 2013

The Tuesday evening meeting at Flood St, London SW3 will be closed on the 24th and 31st of December 2013, and will reopen on 7th January 2014.

Cambridge meeting closed Christmas Eve / New Year’s Eve

The Tuesday evening Cambridge meeting falls on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and so will be closed for those 2 weeks reopening on 7th January 2014.  See here.

Cardiff meeting closed Christmas Eve / New Year’s Eve

The Tuesday evening Cardiff meeting falls on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and so will be closed for those 2 weeks reopening on 7th January 2014.  See here.

Tuesday Hinde St BDA meeting closed

The BDA meeting on Tuesday at 12 45 in Hinde Street is now closed.  A U.A. meeting with a Business Owners focus has started in its place.

Christmas 2013 – Skype meetings

The Wednesday Skype meetings will be taking place on Christmas Day, 25 December 2013,  and New Year’s Day, 01 January 2014.  The meeting will be at the regular time of 2030 GMT and 2130 CET.

New meeting in Cardiff

A new DA meeting has started in Cardiff on Tuesday evenings, with a focus on underearning.  More information here.

Maidstone Sunday meetings now at 6pm

The new Maidstone meetings on Sunday evenings will now meet at 6.00 pm instead of 6,30 pm.  See here.

Dublin Wednesday DA meeting time change

The Wednesday evening Dublin DA meeting has moved 1 hour earlier to 7.00 pm, so that it runs concurrently with the BDA meeting at the same venue.  See here.

New Sunday Maidstone meeting

There is a new Maidstone meeting on Sunday evenings.  More details here.

New Skype Steps & Traditions meeting

In addition to the Wednesday Skype meeting, there is now a Skype Steps & Traditions  meeting on Monday evenings at 8.30pm.  More details in both meeting lists (London / Rest of country).

Wednesday BDA Soho – no meeting on 31st July 2013

This is because the venue requires the room for their own business.  Apologies.

The Wednesday BDA Mayfair meeting has moved

The Wednesday evening BDA Mayfair meeting has moved to St Anne’s church, 55 Dean St, W1D 6AF.  More details here.

Tuesday Hinde St BDA meeting has closed

The 12.45 Tuesday Hinde St meeting has transformed into an Underearners Anonymous meeting with a business focus, so is no longer a DA meeting.

New Brighton meeting starting 11th June 2013

There is a new meeting in Brighton on Tuesdays at 7pm.  More details here.

Glasgow venue change (June 2013)

The venue for the Glasgow meeting has changed, to: Room 3, Glasgow Quaker Meeting House, 38 Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow G2 4PS (see here).


Manchester meeting time change (02 May 2013)

The Manchester meeting will be starting 15 minutes earlier, at 18.30 on Wednesday evenings, with immediate effect.  More details here.

Bristol Workshop 29th June 2013

The Bristol DA group will be holding a “Tallying the Figures” workshop on 29th June 2013, focusing on:

How to Tally Spending Records against Spending Plans and Bank Statements & Tallying Action Outcomes with Vision


More information here

Easter closures, Westbourne Grove

The Friday DA and Monday BDA meetings at Westbourne Grove are closed over Easter.  See here.

Easter closure, Monday Hinde St

There will be no meeting at Hinde St on Easter Monday 1st April.  See here.

AGM minutes posted

The January 2013 Intergroup AGM minutes are now available from the front page of the website, or from here.

New BDA underearning meeting in London

There is a new BDA (:Business Debtors Anonymous) meeting with an underearning focus on Tuesday lunchtimes (12.45pm) at
Hinde Street Methodist Church in London W1.  See here.

Flood St meeting closed 12 March 2013

There will be no meeting on Tuesday 12th March at Flood St, London SW3.  See here.

2013 Literature order form

There is a new literature order form for 2013 – see the Literature page.

Christmas closure Westbourne Grove Monday BDA

We will be closed on Mondays 24th and 31st December 2012. First Meeting monday 7th January 2013. (see Meetings list)

Christmas Closure Westbourne Grove Friday DA

We will be closed on Friday 28th December 2012. First Meeting Friday 4th January 2013. (see Meetings list)

Ringwood meeting Christmas closures

The meeting for Ringwood, Bournemouth will be closed on the 24thDec
and the 31st Dec 2012. The meetings starting in January will resume as
normal (see meetings list).   A warm welcome to all who need DA.

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year…..From all in the Group x