BDA Fellowship Call: Tools of BDA 1-6 on Sunday 8 July at 6pm-7.30pm

The World Service Conference Committee of Business Debtors Anonymous (BDA) presents
A Fellowship-Wide conference call
A Spiritual Approach to Growing Your Business
The Tools of BDA
Tools 1-6
 SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2018
6:00 to 7:30 pm GmT
Call United Kingdom 0330 998 1253 access code 172285#
Three speakers will speak on the following BDA Tools: BUSINESS DEBTORS ANONYMOUS TOOLS 1 to 6:
1. We keep separate professional and  personal financial records and bank accounts.
2. We write annual one-year business plans with definable and accountable goals and targets.
3. We keep clean, orderly and accurate financial records, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash on Hand, Inventory, Assets, and Outstanding Debts, and put all tax and bill due dates on our calendar.
4. We pay ourselves a salary including benefits ,medical insurance, vacations and sick days.
5. We remain mindful that dollars spent should generate revenue and compare prices before making purchases.
6. We maintain clarity about the overhead and profit margins of every product or service we sell.
Each speaker will share their experience, strength, and hope for 15 minutes each on two BDA tools. After the speaker presentations, callers will be given the opportunity to participate in timed shares.

4th European Convention in Berlin, 22 – 24 June 2018

4th European Convention in Berlin, Germany

elstal cropped

22 – 24 June 2018

The German speaking Intergroup of DA is happy to host this year’s Convention of the European Regional Intergroup.
The  convention will take place in a peaceful, friendly conference facility in Elstal, close to Berlin. Single, twin and double bed room accommodation will be available. The site can be reached by public transport within 30 minutes from Berlin main station.
The lingua franca will be English, and translations will be provided (English/German, other languages as needed and where possible).
Booking and registration will be available from 1st February 2018.  More details on how to book here

Fellowship call “Attracting not promoting” Sunday 25 March 5pm-6.30pm

The World Service Conference Public Information Committee is pleased to announce a Fellowship-wide call:
Public Outreach- Attracting not promoting
Sunday 25 March 5pm-6.30pm (UK time)

      UK dial in 0330 390 2123 access code 796199#
The focus of this call will be on how to carry the DA message in line with the traditions. Three members of the Fellowship will share their experience, strength and hope on how these three aspects of Public Information service have impacted their recovery.
    • Working with the Beginner Face to Face utilizing Traditions 1,2 3
    • How did the Traditions help communication with an institution: such
      as, jail/university/ health fair?
    • How does the Tradition of Anonymity inform the process of “Carrying
      the Message” and/or Public Information Work?
This portion of the call will be recorded. Participants will have time to ask questions and make comments. The question and comment portion of the call will not be recorded.
Please share at your meetings. If you miss the call you can listen to the recording call 0330 390 2123 access code 796199.

BDA fellowship call ‘Moving Beyond Fear & Stepping into Faith, Sunday 18 March 6pm

The World Service Conference Committee of Business Debtors Anonymous (BDA)

presents:   A Fellowship-Wide conference call 

“A Spiritual Approach to Growing Your Business”

Moving Beyond Fear



(PART 2 IN a 3-Part Series)

Sunday, March 18

6:00 to 7:30pm GMT

Three speakers will address the following topics:

  • How can FAITH and practicing STEP 3 improve my business?
  • How does the support of the program
    help a person move beyond fear?
  • What are the miracles that happen when I feel the fear
    and take action anyway?

Each speaker will share their experience, strength and hope for 15 minutes on one of the above topics.
After the speaker presentations, callers will be given the opportunity to participate in timed shares.

United Kingdom   +44 330 998 1253

access code 172285#

To playback the recording (speaker shares only)

712.451.1092 access code 172285#

Topic “Solvency and Sponsorship” on Sunday 21 Jan 6pm-7pm

“Ask the General Service Board” Phone Forums
A series of four phone forums during the 2017-2018 Conference year provide an opportunity to learn about and ask questions about D.A. and service.
The second phone forum will be held on January 21, 2018
6pm- 7pm UK Time
TOPIC: “Solvency and Sponsorship”
The focus of this call will be on “Solvency and Sponsorship.” Three members of the Fellowship will share their experience, strength and hope on how solvency and sponsorship have impacted their recovery. This portion of the call will be recorded.
Participants will have time to ask questions and make comments. The question and comment portion of the call will not be recorded.
Dial-in number:          0330 998 1253 
Access code:              172285#
Playback number:      712-451-1092
Access code:               172285#


Media Contact Training Sat 27 Jan 5pm-6.30pm

Fellowship-Wide Call

GSB-PI Media Contact Training

Saturday 27 January 2018  5 PM – 6:30 PM GMT

Call number 0330 998 1253, then access code 172285#

Participants: Training will be open to all D.A. members, both those who wish to learn how to respond to requests by the media for information about D. A., and members who would like to learn more about how to discuss D.A. with people outside of the Fellowship.

Purpose of This Call: To train D.A. members who may wish to respond to inquiries from the media about D.A.

 Pre-Training Suggested Reading List:

-Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Debtors Anonymous:

Traditions Three, Five, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve

-Public Information Manual for Debtors Anonymous: this is on the UK website under ‘Carrying the message’

page 6 – Some Responsibilities of PI Reps (mentions Media Training)

pages 8 – 9 – Media Contact Training

page 10 – Guidelines for D.A. Members responding to the media

page 11 – Suggested Criteria for D.A. Speakers’ Media Interviews

page 12 – Guidelines for Understating D.A.’s Tradition of Attraction vs. Promotion

page 13 – Activities not Recommended for Attracting Members

page 16 – Memo for Members when Dealing with or Contacting the Media

page 18 – History of D.A.

page 25 – Memo to the Media & Press

page 29 – Media Guidelines

page 30 – Suggested Media Release Form

page 34 – D.A. IS & D.A. Is NOT

Important Tools:

Debtors Anonymous website  for the Debtors Anonymous Manual for Service and Twelve Signs of Compulsive Debting

-Public Information Manual for Debtors Anonymous: http://debtorsanony

-The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of Debtors Anonymous: Thirty- Six Principles of Recovery, available for purchase at /fellowship-services/order-literature

-Your own anonymous email


To playback the recording (speaker shares only) 712.451.1092 access code 172285#

Number for recording of the shares on “What is Spiritually Sustainable Earning?”

Fellowship call ‘A Spiritual Approach to Growing Your Business’ Nov 19, 7:00 to 8:30pm

The World Service Conference Committee of Business Debtors Anonymous (BDA) presents A Fellowship-Wide conference call

A Spiritual Approach to Growing Your Business

Sunday, November 19, 7:00 to 8:30pm GMT

Call  0330 998 1253  then press access code 172285#


Speaker will address issues such as paying yourself a salary, medical insurance, prudent reserve, vacations, sick days, retirement plans, and dealing with difficult and poor-paying clients.


Speaker will address spiritually sustainable earning, their connection with a higher power, and why money is not their higher power.


Speaker will focus on how a mindful shift to an “attitude of gratitude” affects all aspects of our business, including putting our needs first and creating more clarity with our business. This call will include three speakers, each sharing their experience, strength and hope for 15 minutes on one of the above topics. After the speaker presentations, callers will be given the opportunity to participate in timed shares.

USA & CANADA CALL-IN NUMBER 712.451.0983 access code 172285# To playback the recording (speaker shares only) 712.451.1092 access code 172285#

Connect across the globe Provide participants with a local in-country dial-in number from any of the 61 countries listed below: Access Code: 172285#



VISIONS- fellowship call Sunday 29 Oct at 5pm

The WSC Fellowship Communications Committee Presents “Visions – Individual” 

DA Members Share Their Experience Strength and Hope

This Fellowship-wide call will explore the many levels in which having a clear vision can contribute to spiritual growth and our individual capacities for abundance. Many of us came into DA in a state of complete helplessness and hopelessness – stuck in a restricted life where we were constantly gasping for breath. Accompanied with the steps and tools of DA, being willing to explore and move toward our visions can result in profound displays of DA’s promises.

Come join us in to hear personal stories of visions realized, and how three members moved from a life of unmanageability to a life of dreams and visions realized. Through recovery, as we align our will with a Power Greater than ourselves, we begin to live our deepest visions, sometimes in unexpected ways, and find freedom, happiness, and serenity, beyond our wildest dreams.

Participants – Worldwide Debtors Anonymous Members at all service levels and especially Newcomers.

Date: Sunday, October 29, 2017

Time: 5pm- 6.30pm UK Time

(1:00 – 2:30 EST)

Dial In: United Kingdom    +44 330 998 1253

Enter Access Code: 214 – 381#

Some charges may apply, depending on your phone service.  Web-based phone alternatives are available. See list below for international numbers.

To listen to the recorded calls dial (319) 527-2885 Code 214 – 382# Press #1

Upcoming FCC “Visions Phone Forums”

“Visions – Group” and “Visions – Fellowship.”

Dates will be announced once they are finalized.

Responsibility Pledge: “I pledge to extend my hand and offer the hope of recovery to anyone who reaches out to Debtors Anonymous.”

Please share this announcement at your meetings.

Please forward this e-mail to other D.A. members.

Following are International dial-in numbers. Access Code: 214 – 381#



United Kingdom    +44 330 998 1253

PRG for DA on Saturday 7pm

2017 Pressure Relief Meeting  
for Debtors Anonymous
A Fellowship-wide Service Opportunity
The purpose of a pressure relief meeting is to review our financial situation, help restore manageability to our financial lives, and thereby provide support for our recovery from compulsive debting.
Pressure Relief Groups & Pressure Relief Meetings pamphlet


In February 2017, the Chair of the General Service Board convened an ad hoc committee to address the Fellowship’s $48,000.00 projected deficit in our FY 17 spending plan. The members of the ad hoc committee realize this situation is far from ideal.

Debtors Anonymous has recently accessed a portion of our prudent reserve to address the shortfall. Although the Fellowship has not incurred unsecured debt, we realize our current course of spending will not be sustainable.  
To this end, the ad hoc committee is asking for active participation from our Fellowship in a pressure relief-style conference call.
Saturday August 5, 2017
11:00 am Pacific | 12:00 noon Mountain | 1:00 pm Central | 2:00 pm Eastern | 6:00 pm UTC
Call-in Number:
Access Code:


All members of the D.A. Fellowship.
Suggested Prior Reading:
  • The Fifth and Seventh Traditions, 12&12&12
  • The Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Tools of The Twelve Tools of D.A.
  • Pressure Relief Groups & Pressure Relief Meetings pamphlet
  • The Seventh Tradition: How to Contribute to Our Fellowship,
    D.A. Manual for Service (DAMS)


Please share this announcement at your meetings.


Why “Traditions”? Why not “Rules” or “Regulations”?

A conference call open to all D.A. members.
Ask the General Service Board is a series of four phone forums during the 2016-2017 Conference Year to provide an opportunity to learn about, and ask questions about, D.A. world service.
The Third Phone Forum:
May 7, 2017  
5:00 – 6:00 pm EDT | 2:00 – 3:00 pm PDT | 10:00 – 11:00 pm GMT
Please confirm the meeting time for your local time zone.
Why do we have the Traditions?
How do they support groups?
Why are they “traditions,” and not rules or regulations?
Dial-in Number:
001-712-432-0400 (US number)
Access Code:
This is the third in a series of four phone forums sponsored by the General Service Board of D.A. during the 2016-2017 Conference Year. The calls allow members to learn and ask questions about service and other topics.
The call is open to all D.A. members. The speakers will be recorded and playback will be available after the call. The question-and-answer portion of the call will not be recorded.


One member, one action for the month of April

Dear DA members,

We are carrying on our tradition of ‘One member, one action’ for the month of April. If every member took just one action, imagine the impact it would have on carrying the DA message to the debtor who still suffer. Could you call a newcomer, sponsor a member or….

  1. Find Materials

DA Posters & awareness cards (business cards with DA info) available from meeting PI rep, Literature rep & Intergroup Literature Rep

OR Poster available to download and print from DA website (you can modify with your meeting details if you wish)

  1. Plan where to go

Start local – near your meeting venue, even a noticeboard at the meeting venue. Other places near your meeting – shops, newsagent, doctor’s surgeries etc. (see list below)

  1. Think about what you’ll say

Keep it short and simple! Have your ‘pitch’ ready – something you’re comfortable with. We found something like this worked well:

“I’m from a local support group that helps people who have debt and problems with money, it’s really helped me and we want to let people know where to find us.”

  1. Go to the venues and ask them

It’s best to ask first – some locations might have a policy about what can be on view in their premises. They may let you know where you can put things up.

Where to spread the word?

Here are some ideas from DA fellows of places we could spread the word – putting up a poster or having a conversation about DA:

  • Other 12 step meeting places
  • Citizens Advice Bureau and Citizens Advice Money worries outreach sessions
  • Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Buddhist centre or other religious centre
  • Library
  • GP surgery/health centre/hospital – waiting rooms or with your GP / health practitioner directly
  • Treatment / rehab centres
  • Court / law firms
  • Debt charities
  • Personal friends
  • Yoga Venues
  • Job Centres
  • Food banks
  • University
  • Community centres
  • Counselling services / therapist waiting rooms
  • Places of work
  • On the bus …

More ideas available on DA website here The fellowship wants to hear from you, if you/your group need help with this or you want to share what your one action email

Thank you for carrying the message.

PI Team

Sponsorship Pays Well- Call Sat 25 Mar at 6pm

Sponsorship Pays Well
The Benefits of Being a Sponsor and Working with a Sponsor in D.A.
This Fellowship-wide call will explore the incredible results that members have experienced from working with a sponsor and sponsoring others in D.A.
From the benefits of working through the steps to helping others with Step 1, there are great benefits to having a sponsor and being a sponsor in Debtors Anonymous. On this call a panel of three speakers who have experienced the benefits of both working with a sponsor and sponsoring others will share their experience, strength and hope on sponsorship.
It is through service that we grow in spirit, experience a remission of our common disease and watch our fellowship grow. Join us and share the joy.

All D.A. members are welcome to attend. Members interested in sponsorship as a path to spiritual growth and growth of the fellowship are especially welcome.

Saturday, March 25, 2017
6pm- 7.30pm UK
Dial-in Number:
0330 998 1214
Access Code:
D.A. members worldwide, including but not limited to Group and Intergroup Representatives, Speakers/Panelists, WSC FCC Committee members, and General Service Board members. Welcome to all.
Purpose of This Call:

To celebrate the path to recovery in D.A. Tool 3:

Sponsorship: We have found it essential to our recovery to have a sponsor and to be a sponsor. A sponsor is a recovering debtor who guides us through the Twelve Steps and shares his or her own experience, strength, and recovery.


The Statement of Purpose of Debtors Anonymous reads:
In D.A., our purpose is threefold: to stop incurring unsecured debt, to share our experience with the newcomer, and to reach out to other debtors.
Any member of D.A. can provide service and aid in reaching the debtor who still suffers. Our communication and service within the Fellowship is a means of growing spiritually and doing important service in and for Debtors Anonymous.

Diversity Stories- Sat 18 March TIME CHANGE

 Stories in
 Debtors Anonymous

Saturday 18 March

6pm-7.30pm UK time

Conference Call

+44 330 998 1256 (UK)
 Passcode: 864063#

The membership of Debtors Anonymous is wide-ranging. Our goal is to share member stories from around the world that illustrate the broad range of recovery experiences found in D.A.

Our hope is that the stories will reflect the rich variety of recovery found through working the Twelve Steps and applying the program tools.

The call will:

  • celebrate the diversity that already exists in D.A.
  • encourage members to share their unique recovery experiences.
  • provide a forum for members to share their experience, strength, and hope regarding our common solution.


There will be four speakers (sharing for 10 minutes each), followed by 20 minutes of open sharing, and 20 minutes of Q&A.

All D.A. members worldwide are invited to participate.

Join us to hear the variety of recovery stories found in D.A.

Presented by the World Service Conference Diversity Caucus in cooperation with the World Service Conference International Caucus and the General Service Board Public Information and International Committees, to enable the broadest global participation.

The mission of the Diversity Caucus is to support the Fellowship in carrying the message of Debtors Anonymous to the debtor in underserved populations and locations. We coordinate with all World Service Conference committees by developing best practices for doing service and sharing it with D.A. as a whole.

A Spiritual Approach to Growing Your Business: A Fellowship-wide Conference Call on Sunday 26 February

A Spiritual Approach to Growing Your Business
A Fellowship-wide Conference Call
WSC Business Debtors Anonymous Committee
Please Join Us!
Today: February 26, 2017
9pm- 10.30pm UK time

Featuring 3 speakers, bringing their experience, strength and hope to one of these topics:

What Is Spiritual Success?
A focus on solvency, good client relationships and self-care while building a successful business.
What Is a Spiritual Approach to Money?
A focus on taking attention off fear and lack; being of service versus grasping for oneself; is
receiving large amounts of money spiritually acceptable?
Why Is a Spiritual Approach Important to Our Lives?
A focus on trust and faith; overcoming vagueness and shame around money issues. How BDA helps live a spiritual life.
Each speaker will talk for 15 minutes, followed by a 10-minute Q&A
Call-in Numbers + Access Codes
USA: 641-552-9414 (920135#)

UK: +44 330 998 1259 (920135#)

If you miss the conference, you can access the playback of the recorded conference after it is over by calling: (641) 552-9282 access code 920135